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September 11th


This date has a list of life changing events trickling down in history, both tragic and celebratory. For most, when they hear this date they often recall the attack on the Twin Towers.

As for the Roman Morrow family, the date always had a different meaning, the Chile coup d'etat (which changed their lives forever) and the unfortunate loss of a loved one, baby Allesandro's namesake.

On this day, sweet baby Allesandro Tiago entered their lives and changed they way they will vew this date forever, not to forget their history but instead added reason to celebrate September 11th. 






As for me, neither of these events crossed my mind the morning of September 11th, 2022 as I was mentally preparing to take on a 10K race, a distance I have never ran before. What did cross my mind was the possibility of being called with news of a labour in progress, but I felt confident that I would be able to complete my race and still have a few days before my services would be required. 






My run felt amazing, I only had half a km to go when I felt my phone buzzing and I knew, this was the call. A great reason to pick up pace for the last stretch.

Needless to say I was able to complete my race at a suprizingly good pace and make it to my client's home showered, fed and well prepared. 




When meeting with Courtney and Vic prior to her labour she had hoped for a home birth but after careful consideration decided against it. I suggested she labours at home for as long as possible before heading to the hospital where we would meet her Midwife. An unmedicated labour with little to no interventions is what we were aiming for, but were not against necessary interventions if it came down to it. 










Courtney was an absolute super woman, she was great at communicating what worked for her and was willing to try different techniques to help manage the intensity of her contractions. She made a point of sharing her fears which was extremely helpful in knowing how to comfort her, they had prepared affirmations before hand and every now and then I would hear Victor whisper these to her in the moments she needed reassurance. 














There is a moment right before a baby is born that women in labour get to a point of utter defeat. A combination of exhaustion and not wanting to feel another second of their contractions. They ask for any pharmaceutical pain management they can get and before they know it they are holding their sweet little baby's in their arms, breathing sighs of relief and smiling from ear to ear, still exhausted but beaming with pride as they had accomplished what seemed impossible just moments before. 



These are the moments that remind me why I became a birth doula, you are so much more powerful than you think. If we are able to communicate your needs and fears I can help guide you through the toughest moments during your labour. I truly believe that it is possible to find the strenght within yourself to "accomplish what seems impossible".












In the end I always find myself watching in awe, as parents stare in wonder, at this beautiful child that they have known for months, but only met now for the first time.