Fisher Wedding

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Fisher Wedding

Everything about this wedding was pure perfection. 

It rained a little, just enough to bring them good luck.

The couple was a dream to work with, always willing to play along with my prompts and suggestions. 

The bride OH MAMA just the most beautiful bride you have ever seen. 


They decided on doing first look, before the ceremony, and capturing the look on her now husbands face, its something every bride wants to see on her wedding day. Relief, awe, a heart over flowing with love. 

The bouquet was designed by Payton from Payton's Place Designs and it truly was out of this world. I have never seen a bouquet this unique and detailed and it was refreshing to see something so different. Perfectly suited to the feel of this wedding. 
The DRESS!!!!
The details offered no shortage on romantic bohemian vibes. It made me rethink my wedding and dream up ideas on how to convince my husband to take on the whole shebang over again. 
During the reception we decided to ditch the crowd for the beautiful sunset on the beach, I am so happy we did becuase the results were pure magic. 
My words fail me when it comes to describing the dream that this wedding was to capture.