Quine Family

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Quine Family

Summer family photos can be unpredictable. It is usually hot hot hot till 8 or 9 pm and by that time kids tend to turn into pumpkins and are not in the mood to "smile" for the camera. 

This week just so happened to be cloudy and rainy and normally families wouldnt want to do sessions in these conditions but the light is just perfect for photos, almost the entire day. So we settled on a time long before bed time so everyone could just have fun. Not be rushed to get supper, bath and bed time out of the way but instead just enjoy the hour family date guided by me. 


We had so many laughs with little Frankie. She kept telling me jokes and posing herself and the whole familyin certain ways for the photos. She made my job so easy, and the end result shows just how much fun this family date night was. 

I love it when families are willing to work around weather conditions to make the most of their sessions. Chances are you don't get them done every year like you intend to, so why not use your session wisely.