The Birth Story of Jack Williams

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The Birth Story of Jack Williams

On June 10th I received a message from a prior maternity client that they are interested in a Labor and Delivery Shoot...


My heart was beating so fast, this I think, is my favourite type of session to do, as there are no other emotions as raw and pure as seeing your child being born. From that day my phone did not leave my side for a second, "I was on call", waiting to hear that she has gone into labor since she was already over due. 

On June 15th she would be induced and, I would wait for her to be in active labor before heading to the hospital. I had figured as soon as she is admitted to a labor room I would head over since you have no idea exactly how long labor can be. Little did we know that this baby had no intention of being rushed, 10 days over due and too comfortable to leave moms womb by choice. 

I arrived to the Labor and Delivery Unit at 10:15 p.m. , and it was obvious from the start that this poor mama was in a lot of pain. Labor was not kind to her and being induced makes it just that much harder. Hours had passed and there was little to no progress. By noon on June 16th the OB came to the room to discuss further options for evicting this (what they guessed, was a stubborn little boy). Both Ryan and Lisa knew that a csection was a possibility and didn't hesitate to give mom and baby the best option - to go ahead and have their baby born right away.
We were fearfull that I would not be allowed in the operating room, but after the hours we had put in, they were kind enough to give me the go ahead to capture the birth of this little babe. All dressed up in our protective wear, me and Ryan stood in the hallway waiting to be allowed in. He went silent, I knew that this was a nerve wrecking moment in his life, his beloved Lisa and unborn child were now both in the hands of a few Doctors and scrub nurses, and so we waited.
Moments after entering the operating room, the nurses and doctors did their dance around Lisa, making sure her epidural was working perfectly, prepping her for surgery, laying out surgical instruments, aligned perfectly as if the surgeon can pick from the tray with his eyes closed. It was like watching an episode of your favourite hospital show, everything seemed rehearsed, nothing left to chance.
As if working against the clock they delivered a beautifull baby boy in mere minutes, he was a perfect 7 pounds 15 ounces bundle of joy. They have been waiting to meet this precious child for 10 months and the moment they laid eyes on him it was obvious that they were in love. 
There is no way to describe the love you have for this tiny human you had only just met, it is overwhelming, it is natural, it makes you a parent in a few split seconds, and every worry in the world disappears, your sole purpose in life is to love and protect this little person to your best ability.
This is everything you see in a mother's eyes when she first holds her newborn baby.
Thank you to these lovely parents for allowing me to play a role in the biggest day of their lives, and thank you for allowing me to share your story from my perspective. Yes, the hours were long, but it was worth every minute.
I hope you can look back on these moments in little Jack's life and forever treasure the memory of his birth day.