Photographer in Regina, SK

About Me Let me introduce myself, 

I am Carla, the girl behind the lens. Mother of two curious toddlers a wife, and an artist that found her true passion in photography. 

I would love to tell you a story about how I grew up snapping pictures of every one and thing willing to stand still long enough for me to make magic happen but that wont be true. 

My love for photography developed with my children, seeing them through a view finder gave me a different perspective of how they think, move and live as tiny curious beings, ready to learn and experience everything with the purest of minds.

As time passed I discovered that I love this thing, this thing where I can take a moment in time and make it last a lifetime. To capture beauty in any shape or form it may present itself, the curiousity of a baby, the unconditional bond of a family or that spark (the one you feel when you find your person).

That is what I found within myself, a desire to keep creating the magic and capturing the moments for those sitting in my view finder. So I invite you to come sit in my view finder, lets be creative together and capture some memories to last you a lifetime!





Ps. Be Kind, Always