Photographer in Regina, SK

My name is Carla, I am what the cool kids call a Mompreneur. If you hear a touch of an accent it is because I Immigrated from South-Africa to this cold province called Saskatchewan, in 2008. Shortly after I started calling this place home, I met the love of my life and we now share an even greater love for the two little boys that keeps our world going round. I have always felt that one day I will truly find my place in this big world, but, boy did it take a bit of a scenic route to get here. 

I started my adult career life first as an esthetician and then as an administrative assistant. Long days at a desk simply weren't fulfilling to me and so my husband bought me a camera as a creative outlet. 

Like every artist it took me some time to find my niche but the raw beauty and emotion of motherhood is what makes my artistic senses tingle. I knew that capturing raw emotions was something that you simply cannot fake and there is little raw emotion such as the day you give birth. So on the day that my Sister in law went into labor I was by her side, supporting her in every way I could and capturing every moment of the big day. I was in love, in love with the purity of it all, the fresh newborn, the emotional rollercoaster, the buzz of the labor room and the strength that lies within every woman. 

This all led me to my present, I am now getting certified to become a doula so I can offer support to the mothers that need it and, to capture those raw moments for them so they can see just how capable they are. Capable of giving birth to and, raising the little leaders that will one day care for this blue planet we call home.






Ps. Be Kind, Always

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