Doula and Birth Photography

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WHY BIRTH? I have heard this question so many times. “I would hate for someone to see me give birth”


“No one wants to see that side of me trust me”


Let’s break down the fear of labor and birth and instead, celebrate it for what it is. Beautiful, powerful and life changing to say the least.


When capturing the story of birth, it’s not about whats happening from the waist down, and rather all about what is going on emotionally, mentally and yes physically.


Capturing the birth of a baby is also capturing the birth of a mother, a heart multiplying in size, growing respect and admiration from those that are there to support you on this day. And meeting the love of your life for the very first time.


When you book me for your birth you are investing in my talent, time, and discretion. My experience in the labor room as well as my expertise as a birth Doula.


How does it work?


Once booked, I will be “on call” from week 38 of your pregnancy, meaning you can call me any hour of any day (yes 24/7). When you are in active labor or at a 4-1-1 stage of labor (something you will learn about in your prenatal classes) I will come to the birthing place wether that is the hospital/your home or a birthing centre within one hour of your notice.


Once there I will capture the unfolding story of how you welcomed your baby earth side. I will be there for the entirety of your labor as well as one hour following the birth to capture the little details as well as the special bond between mother and child.


You can rest assured that I have witnessed first hand all sides birth has to offer. From being a mama myself and with my Doula expertise, you can feel safe and comfortable knowing that your dignity and this immensely vulnerable moment of your life will be handled with respect and discretion.




Get in contact with me to see which package is best suited for you.